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Electoral roll

This is an official list of the members of the congregation of our church.

Why join our electoral roll? Having a good number on our electoral roll helps our church in terms of the way it can represent itself in the composition of the Parochial Church Council (PCC), which leads the life of the local church with the churchwardens and rector. It also brings the opportunity of a bigger voice on the Deanery Synod, made up of representatives of West Haringey churches. However, and much more importantly, it brings the opportunity to widen our network of contacts, and the ability to keep our wider family informed and involved in our life.

Applications for enrolment can be accepted at any time of the year, apart from a few weeks leading up to the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (APCM) when the roll is closed for revision or, every 6 years, for the preparation of a new roll. If you wish to attend and vote at the APCM, your application must be with the Electoral Roll Officer by the announced deadline, which could be up to 28 days before the APCM. The current Electoral Roll was started anew in Spring 2019.

Electoral Roll Revision 2024

Start date: Sunday 8th March 2024
Closure of Electoral Roll and deadline for applications: Sunday 29th March 2024
APCM: Sunday 28th April 2020

If you provide your email address on your application we will be able to use it to contact you in connection with the maintenance of the Electoral Roll or the membership of the PCC. However, it would be helpful if we could communicate with you by email and/or phone on other matters. Please also fill in a Consent Form to let us know how you wish to be contacted.The Electoral Roll reopens for applications immediately after the APCM.


Application for Enrolment

Consent form

Map of Hornsey Parish

List of streets in Hornsey Parish

Enrolment and Consent forms are also available on the Electoral Roll table at the back of the church. Completed forms can be emailed to or handed to the Electoral Roll Officer or one of the Parish Ministry Team.

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