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St Mary's Tower - Hornsey High Street

The friends came together in 1989 to help give the Tower a secure future. Officially known as the Friends of Hornsey Church Tower their activities have broadened out to take account of the historic churchyard and the Garden of Remembrance set out on the site of the old church by Hornsey Council in 1950. They organise several events throughout the year, the most popular of which are perhaps the Open Days which allow access to the roof and it’s sweeping views of the parish.

The friends have gathered an excellent archive of material which can be viewed on their website by clicking here.

The PCC of Hornsey Parish Church is ever grateful to the friends for their continued efforts to ensure this highly significant building is maintained and enjoyed.

Ivy-Mantled Tower – A history of the church and churchyard of St Mary Hornsey, Middlesex

For those wishing to find out more about the tower, Bridget Cherry OBE, FSA, Hon FRIBA, an architectural historian who edited the Pevsner Architectural Guides series, has published a comprehensive history entitled ‘Ivy-Mantled Tower. It tells the compelling story of the succession of buildings from the medieval church with its bell tower (which still stands) to an 1833 church, followed by a late Victorian one which was demolished in 1969.

The Ivy Mantled Tower can be bought online from the Hornsey Historical Society by going to Local History Books priced £7.50

There is also 'The Old Parish Church of Hornsey' by Ian Murray, also available from the HHS, priced at £1.50.

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