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Why we ask for your generosity

There is a widely held misconception that Anglican Churches are funded in part by the state. The Church of England receives no money from the state for mission or ministry. In turn we here at Hornsey Parish Church receive no funding from the Diocese.

We survive and serve our community due to the generosity of our congregation and by careful stewardship of our resources, such as income received from rental of our hall spaces and through fund raising events such as jumble sales and our Christmas Market.

To put this in context please read the Annual report below which outlines why financial support is so important.

Annual Report on giving

This year we want to broaden our horizons, and talk about something different. Our life as a church. What have we achieved. What are our plans, our aspirations?

We are poised on the brink of perhaps the most exciting development of our generation in the life of Hornsey Parish Church, as we contemplate the radical redevelopment of our hall spaces.

This will require the mobilisation of all our resources, our time, our talents and our treasure. A ‘call to arms’ to encourage the active involvement of the whole church community and a rallying cry for the positive engagement of the wider community.

Stewardship, according to the dictionary definition, is ‘the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to our care’. Here at Hornsey Parish Church, we are stewards of the generous giving legacy of past generations, and we have a duty to preserve and enhance that legacy for the benefit of future generations.

If you would like to make a donation to the work of our church please

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