Pastoral Team

Parish Priest
Fr Bruce Batstone Tel: 020 8883 6846
Email: fr.bruce@hornseyparishchurch.org
(Fr. Bruce’s rest day is Friday.)

Mthr Mitzi James Tel: 07826 318 656
Email: mthr.mitzi@hornseyparishchurch.org
(Mthr Mitzi’s rest day is Monday.)

Assistant Priest
Fr Dennis Bury Tel: 020 8348 9181
Email: dennisscience@hotmail.com

Church Wardens
Richard Hodges Tel: 020 8883 2760
Annie Perkins Email: annieperkins30@gmail.com
Ricardo Williams (associate) Email: rcwilliams@freeuk.com; Tel:0208 341 7656

Lay Readers
Vicki Osborne Email: vicki@eqtwo.com

Parish Office Tel: 020 8444 3553
Email: officehornseyparishchurch@gmail.com

Safeguarding Officer
Naomi Malone Tel: 07776 588 602
Email: safeguarding @hornseyparishchurch.org

Baptisms, Lay Schools Worker & Noah’s Ark
Naomi Malone Tel: 07776 588 602
Email: naomi@hornseyparishchurch.org   (rest Days are Mon, Sat)

Wedding Enquiries
Please contact Fr Bruce

Chaplain & Contemplative Prayer Group
Pam Curran 020 8888 1942

Pastoral Assistant
Phil Jury  Tel: 020 8340 0500
phil@hornseyparishchurch.org  (rest Day is Tuesday)

Children’s Champions
Naomi Malone, Nina Saint, Mia Dukelow

Treasurer’s Assistant
Winnie Cheung
Email: winniehornseyparishchurch@gmail.com

Church Visiting Team
If you, or someone you know, might appreciate a visit from us, please speak to Pam Curran or Fr Bruce.

Director of Music
Email: music@hornseyparishchurch.org

YMCA Chaplaincy
Mitzi: mthr.mitzi@hornseyparishchurch.org

Youth Worker & Georgians Leader
Nina Saint: nina@hornseyparishchurch.org

Church Hall Hire and Bookings
Enquiries Tel: 020 8444 3553
Email: hpchalls@gmail.com


Church Bookshop
Open alternate Fridays and Saturdays 10am – 1pm. Speak to Cathy Edis.
Email: thebasementbookshop@gmail.com

Winter Night Shelter
Lorraine Fincham Email: winternightshelter@hornseyparishchurch.org