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Planned giving

In our culture money is power. Having money means having more opportunities to grow as a person – through travel, education, cultural events and hobbies. It provides a measure of security and can give us a voice in a secular arena. As Christians we know that our true desire is to be in a deeper relationship with God, and whilst money can give us many things it won’t buy us that. So it is important that our assets and earnings, and the enriching possibilities they present, are brought into alignment with our baptismal life, to be at the disposal of God.

How shall I give?
It would really help us to reduce costs and manage money if we could budget better. To do this we need to know what our regular income is likely to be. Monthly standing orders can help with that as well as giving you complete control to change the amount or stop payments at any time. If you would like to give via a standing order, or change your current standing order, you can do so by downloading the form, completing the details and handing it to Lotti our treasurer.

However if you prefer giving cash on a Sunday, then naturally this is welcome too. If you are concerned about the issue of who knows what you are giving,  Our Treasurer Lotti who administrates our Gift Aid claims, is the only person who has access to that information. Otherwise the records are completely confidential.

Making the most of your giving – Gift Aid
In either instance if you are a taxpayer then we would urge you to Gift Aid your donations, either through your standing order or by using the yellow envelopes provided in church. By this simple act we will receive an additional 25% on top of the amount of your gift.

What shall I do now?
We need to increase our income in order to continue and indeed hopefully expand God’s presence within Hornsey. Please consider how you can help and pray for us and our stewardship campaign which we hope will enable us to meet three targets:-

Help us to understand better why giving money to the church is important.

Increase the number of people giving regularly by whatever means and whatever amount they are can afford.

That God may grant us the gifts of imagination and courage to use the money we receive to make Christ present in Hornsey, and across London, and help our church to grow in depth of faith, in acceptance and love, and in the numbers of people attending our worship and knowing about our life.

If you have any questions about the stewardship campaign or any aspect of church finances, please do not hesitate to talk to Annie Perkins or Richard Hodges our Churchwardens, Lotti the Treasurer Team or Fr Bruce.

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